COVID-19 Information

Hello –

It’s been too long!

Welcome back!

My team and I want assure everyone that we take crew and client’s health and safety seriously.

I can sit here and write endless paragraphs about the rules and regulations that will be required to follow onset. Throw lots of paperwork your way. I’m not! I’m a producer, not a health specialist. I am a certified COVID compliance officer. I will rely on the experts. We’re going to follow the guidelines provided by the CDC, FILM LA and State of California.

Enlist as needed – COVID Compliance Officers, set medics and companies like Pure Sets to handle the protocols and keep us SAFE! It still can be the fun loving sets of past. New rules to follow. Temperature checks, PPE’S, and shooting remotely.

We got this!

Think of the BTS photos! In two years we’ll say, remember when!

However, for the near future. It’s face masks, gloves, cases of hand sanitizer.

It will slow us down a bit.

It’s important to be patient, flexible and safe!

Let’s have fun!  

Let’s continue to create!


Covid-19 Compliance Officer Certificate